Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Route & Why We Are So Lucky

Where Should We Go?

As much as Tom and I would love to go everywhere we just don't have the time or $$$. We know we want to go around the world and we both live in America so we figured we should pick a direction and follow that direction until we end up back in America. Easy peasy.

As we were chatting we realized how stupid lucky we both are. Tom and I both have international families. Our parents all have an interest in travel and we all have friends who live all over. Essentially, we have connections to cool places and our connections happen to be super cool people. People we'd like to see again or get to know better. Some of them are family, some are acquaintances from that-one-time-at-that-one-place. But they all have a unique experience and perspective. That's something that is really important to us for this trip. We want to connect to these places through the suggestions of others. Suggestions from awesome interesting people like you.

So that's the big idea for this trip. We want to hear about your favourite city, or bar, or view, or sandwich. If you happen to be around we want to go to that bar with you, see that view, chow down on that sandwich.  If we end up chomping on that must-have sandwich, we will write about it (and you, with your permission) and post it to pass on the odd magic that is sharing a special experience with somebody else.

If you have suggestions about anything anywhere for us please please send it to my email:

Our Very Vague and Tentative Route

Here it is:
  •  June 25 2014: Arriving in London 
  •  June-July 2014 : in the UK with little side trips possible.
  • July-November 2014: Europe (see how vague it is!!)
  • November- December 2014 : North Africa and Middle East.
  • December2014- March 2015: Southeast Asia
  • March 2015 -April 2015: Japan and Australia
  • Come back to America (Hawaii).
And that's all we've got so far. It might also change a lot. Who knows. And that's half the fun.


A Trip Around the World- Can We Really Make This Happen?

Can We Really Make This Happen?

At the beginning of July 2014 my boy and I are going to get on a plane and start the biggest adventure of our lives so far. We are leaving everything and traveling around the world for nine months

It's still surreal to even type out those words but it's true- or it will be true in about seven months. That being said we have tons of obstacles to overcome before we reach that point. Obstacles I know other people run into and that maybe stop them from committing to long-term travel. Obstacles that scared me, and gave me doubts. I can't speak for everyone but at least for me my four big ones are: 
  1. Money.
  2. Taking Time Off.
  3. Planning.
  4. Your Junk.


274 days. If we did exactly nine months of travel we'd be on the road for 274 days. That's a long time to not have a stable source of income. So how are we going to deal? We've been saving with the goal of at least $15k, hopefully somewhere closer to $20k for almost a year now. If we had budgeted for $100 a day we would need $27,400 each. We figure that some those cost will be offset by the fact that we are hoping to visit family and friends, and try alternative arrangements such as WWOOF-ing, Couchsurfing, and housesitting. Tom and I both have some pretty awesome skills (tooting our collective horn) so maybe we can make some money on the road.

We are also not going to be renting apartments for the summer, we will both no longer be in school, I am either selling my car or giving it to my brother.

We decided not to buy a Round The World Ticket. RTW tickets may save (quite a bit of) money but, they do bind you to a certain time frame and we hope to be open to changes in plans. Some of my best experiences were last minute trips suggested by strangers to places I'd never even heard of.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Trip Around The World- The Story.

I feel that every major decision in my life has always has born out of a great story, or at least the romantic in me sees it that way.

 The story of why we decided to go on this trip is relatively simple. The boy had just arrived back in the US after visiting me for a couple weeks while I studied abroad in Rome. We travelled to Venice together and in general had a fabulous time. We realized that didn't want to murder each other while traveling and we actually really liked the other as travel companions (score!). We were chatting on the phone and he asked me, "Why don't we go on a long trip... maybe... around the world?" The idea hit me like a wave, my mind swirling with the possibilities and that was it- I was in.

Or so I thought. 

Left and Leaving- Start Here.

"But what does that mean?"he asked obviously confused. He, being my lovely boyfriend and future travel partner, was looking over my blog for the first time. "I mean I understand the 'leavin' part but... left..." I understood what he meant. The name of this blog made sense to me but I hadn't really explained anywhere what it is was all about. So, of course any reader would be confused before they even hit the meat of the blog (Go me!). So here it is; this blog is going to be about all the places we've left and the places we are leaving for.

In July 2014, my boy and I are leaving it all and going on a trip around the world for nine months.

This blog will serve as a running record of our planning for our round the world trip, as well as the trip itself. We hope to write about the places we visit, the people we meet, the food we eat, the beers we drink, the stuff we bring, and maybe even more. I love photography so there will be tons of photos. He loves beer so you know that will be on here. I am a weirdo planner so get ready for lots of reviews of stuff n' junk.

Hope it will be fun!
- Love,