Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Trip Around The World- The Story.

I feel that every major decision in my life has always has born out of a great story, or at least the romantic in me sees it that way.

 The story of why we decided to go on this trip is relatively simple. The boy had just arrived back in the US after visiting me for a couple weeks while I studied abroad in Rome. We travelled to Venice together and in general had a fabulous time. We realized that didn't want to murder each other while traveling and we actually really liked the other as travel companions (score!). We were chatting on the phone and he asked me, "Why don't we go on a long trip... maybe... around the world?" The idea hit me like a wave, my mind swirling with the possibilities and that was it- I was in.

Or so I thought. 
We had so much to figure out. How much would it cost? Would we be able to get that money? When would we go? Would it affect our careers? What about our stuff? WILL WE MURDER EACH OTHER!?!? My slightly anxious self chewed on these thoughts as I continued love life in Rome.

Fast forward a couple days (or weeks- my sense of time is terrible) and I was strolling along in my neighborhood in Rome. I notice this elderly American couple semi-arguing over a map. So I go over offer to help them find the church that they were looking for and in return, they offer me lunch. Pretty sweet deal. At lunch they shared that they were finally doing their dream trip after years of waiting. Literally, about 30 years. They had married young and had five kids so had always been busy and broke. Too much so to visit Italy. The wife's dream had been to climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence. Now here she was, late in her life, finally accomplishing her dream. I don't think I've ever felt so proud of a complete stranger. Unfortunately it was very painful for her to walk and it took them ages to climb the stairs of her dreams. They seemed kind of sad about this.

Then she looked me in the eye and said something like this "You'll always owe someone money, and be too busy, too broke, too something. So climb the stairs while you can. Borrow if you have to, run if you must, but go."

So that afternoon, walking in the spring sun of that city I had gotten to love so well, I said yes.

- Danielle


  1. Dear Danielle, I am so happy to read your story here today, and please count me in your follower in your journey, and I wish I can support you in some way... when is your timing to China? or down under to OZ? please come visit and stay with us. Can't wait to enjoy more story from you. Your dream is my dream in back to 30 years ago...... keep flying with your angels wings with blessing! - Amy Liu

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! We will definitely be visiting Australia probably in the Spring of 2015 as we are starting in Europe and heading east from there. You are too kind to offer for us to visit you. We would love to come see you. We are also hopefully able to visit China but we haven't decided about it yet because we want to visit everywhere. As for support, knowing that someone is reading my blog is great support :) Thanks again.
      Hope everyone is well,