Saturday, November 23, 2013

What to Bring Pt 1: The Dire Consequences of Being a Girly-Girl

I really really REALLY wish I was the kind of girl who could live out of a ziplock bag for nine months.
But, I'm not.

In times like these, it really bums me out that I am a girly-girl. I live in dresses and have an embarrassing amount of earrings. I can sometimes tell what eyeliner a lass is wearing from across the room- It's bad. I have a lipstick drawer. Yes, a little drawer for only lipstick.

I know some where out there, right now, there are traditional backpackers cutting their toothbrushes in half to get their pack weight down. I understand, I definitely don't want to be carrying around a giant heavy backpack either. They would probably laugh at my packing list and roll their eyes when I say I'm bringing three pairs of shoes. But that's okay. Just because I am changing where I live doesn't mean I am suddenly going to be comfortable in itchy zip-off cargo pants. I am going on this trip for me. I know me. I would hate those pants. I would be uncomfortable in those pants. Seriously, get out of my face you pants!

Anyway, my point is this: I think it's silly to change your whole sense of style for a long- term trip.

 No matter what your existing sense of style is. If you already are a very minimalist person when it comes to those things then you are one lucky duckling. If you are like me, you don't have to change everything, you just have to modify a little. This is how I am going to just that:

  1. Get a rolling backpack. (losing my backpacker cred quickly....)
  2. Invest in some high quality/performance multipurpose pieces of clothing that I like.
  3. Bring extremely cheap fun items that I can donate/trade on the road.
  4. Use packing organizers. 
  5. Prioritize: I'd rather have some my makeup than that extra shirt or two.
  6. Bring a pair or two of my fav earrings.

Luckily, there are plenty of travel/athletic clothing companies that make both cute and practical things.  I have been compiling a list of what I think I will need but I need help deciding on some things.

Hopefully, my choices truly suit me.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking the Leap: We Bought Flights


 Last week Tom and I decided to commit to flights out of the US while the price was cheap.
And boy was it cheap- They cost $480 each on Icelandair. The next cheapest flight I could find was a full $200 more.
  We leave on June 24th from Washington Dulles and arrive in London at 11:45 a.m. just in time for lunch. I am so very excited for our trip to begin and I am happy to have so many adventures with this laddo already.