Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Left: Winter '13 in Abu Dhabi

The Sheik Zayed Mosque (Taken from a moving vehicle-score!)
This will probably be the first post in (what I hope to be) a series of posts about some of the places I've left.  Some of them will probably be about trips or happenings that happened recently and some might have happened ages ago (writing one currently about a trip to Indonesia from 2008!). If you know me, you know that my mind is not exactly a steel trap. It's more like a steel...strainer. So hopefully, I remember enough details to make it interesting.

I figured I'd start on a trip that isn't too taxing to my memory- My trip back home over Christmas and New Years to my parents house in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

My parents have lived in Abu Dhabi since 2007. I actually lived there for my junior and senior years of high school. It really does have a feeling of 'home' to me even though I have now lived in New Orleans for much longer than I ever lived there.

Overall it was a fab trip. I was able to hang out with my family and meet up with some friends as well as partake in some classic Abu Dhabi craziness. I did, however, get a serious tummy bug from some shady juice in the gas station between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and spent almost four full days (including New Years Eve) in bed.

Normally I am a little more active when travel back to Abu Dhabi but this time was definitely more relaxed. I luxuriated in the fact that I had nothing to do. I woke up at four am (hooray jet lag!) and would read in the bathtub for couple hours with several cups of strong tea before considering eating breakfast. I read the newspaper. I caught the sunrise almost everyday. I exhaled all the stress and tension I didn't even realize I had been carrying around with me. Honestly, if I had moved any slower I would have melted into a puddle. And I loved every slooooow second of it.

One of my favorite parts of my morning routine: The view of my balcony overlooking my neighborhood.
The neighbourhood mosque that we pass everyday in the 5pm sun. Am I the only one obsessed with mosque architecture?