Monday, August 11, 2014

Pictures from Portugal: A Day in Alfama

I fell head over heels for Portugal.

We arrived with no preconceived notions of what it would be like.I heard very little and was mostly there to visit my childhood friend and her brand new gallery GIV Lowe. Turns out Alfama neighborhood was the perfect change of pace for us. The buzz of Paris, while always magical, can be a little fast-paced for me.

The Alfama area is the older quarter of the capital city of Portugal. It is a maze of tiny cobbled streets winding up and down the hills. It's mishmash of color and architecture, blue and yellow tiled buildings, laundry hanging out the window, graffiti, and viewpoints, or 'miradouros', that allow you to look out on to the wide shimmering river. Parts of it were messy and dirty, cracked or crumbling with age or neglect. Like my beloved New Orleans, I liked it that way. Imperfect and lived in. When I walked around in Alfama I really felt that it had a story and like any story, it hadn't been all good. Or maybe it was the feeling of everyone's stories that felt so familiar, as Alfama still has plenty of residents. It's hard thing to explain- the tumble of the noises, the smells, the elderly and children in the squares at dusk. Even harder to explain why these things enhanced it's appeal to me. So here's a couple (okay... a lot) of pictures I took one day in Alfama.

Ps. Scroll to the near end to see one of my favorite Portuguese dishes.

Cafe and a Pastel De Belem for Breakfast

Feira da Ladra or The fair of the thieves


Terrifying Statue

Kisses over Lisboa

New rings from the Fair

Pork and Clams! Amazing.

This photo is actually from another day hence the different dress.


Have you ever been to Lisbon? Did you prefer the newer parts of town? Is this way too many pictures on a post?  

All pictures and opinions are mine alone.