Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thoughts on 5 Months of Traveling and Plans for 2015

 The end of this November marks five months on the road. 

Top of Tuscany- The Duomo in Florence
These five months have been some of the shortest and longest months ever. Time seems to pass so quickly and my life before this trip seems light years ago. Traveling almost constantly for 158 days has put us through the ringer of emotions, both good and bad. 

We never set out "to find ourselves" as many young travellers do. To be honest I was pretty secure in my personality and my ways before the trip. I was not and am not searching for enlightenment. I was looking for adventure, culture, and connections. And tons of yummy things to eat. What I found was love in the form of strangers, long-lost friends, and family members. We have had some of the funniest most spontaneous moments and learned so darn much about the other cultures of this earth.  The food's damn good too.

Lunch after biking through vineyards in Bordeaux
I'm sure because I resisted I ended up changed. Even though I stubbornly I didn't intend to, I am a little different. Mostly small things have changed, a couple profound ones in there too. I care more about the earth and my own personal footprint on it. I realise that I can take things too personally and can be too serious at times. I am somehow a morning person and my coffee addiction is very real.  I like hiking and camping and am not half as girly as I thought. I am learning to just laugh when things don't turn out quite the way I imagined. Also learning that it's alright to be a bit cheesy sometimes when I'm feeling it  (like right now).

When your restrictions of your daily routine are taken away you have a strange kind of freedom. Tom and I literally have absolute control over every part of our day. It is fascinating to see what you decide is important. There is of course tons more stuff we have no control over. Learning to roll with it has been interesting.

 In my old routine most of my time was taken up by my various jobs. I was given expectations for these jobs and guidelines to perform them. In this less structured lifestyle my time is spent hoping to be a good travel partner, a interested respectful visitor, and a whole bunch a travel organising. For once, there is no 'way' to do it. I have no degree in traveling or proven formula. There is no adult peek over at and ask if I am doing this right? For maybe the first time ever I feel grown up. And how silly is that? I am twenty-three and I finally feel I can stop saying "when I grow up..."

And so there concludes probably one the most cheesy but true things I'll ever write. Hopefully. 

These past five months we have been 12 countries, a surreal 40 cities or towns, not lost any socks. I am completely shocked that we still have another five months of traveling to do before we call it quits. I know I am an erratic blogger if any thing, so if you've been wondering what we've been doing for the fantastic five I've written it out below. Any links lead to posts I've written about that place.

IcelandReykjavik, South coast road trip

United Kingdom: Manchester, London
France: Strasbourg, Guebwiller, Paris
Portugal: Lisbon

Portugal: Sintra, Porto
United Kingdom: Winchester, Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh, Woodbridge
Spain: Granada

Spain: Sevilla, Barcelona, and Menorca
Morocco: Marrakesh, Fes, Chefchaouen
Spain: Madrid, San Sebastian

France: Bordeaux and Beziers
Germany: Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin
Turkey: Kapadokya

Turkey: Istanbul
Hungary: Budapest
Croatia: Zagreb, Dubrovnik
Greece: Santorini
Italy: Venice, Bologna, Florence, San Miniato

Italy: Rome
Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent
France: Paris
United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi
Sri Lanka: The Southern Coast and Yala National Park

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi
Philippines: Manila, Coron, Bacolod, Bohol, Siargao Island



New Zealand


That's all we know right now. If you have advice for us or tips or just wanna wish us luck write me. I am all ears.

P.S.- I don't think traveling with goal of finding yourself is a bad thing. It just wasn't my thing.

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